Ep 42: Big Difference with Sean Smith (Same Difference, X Factor)

In 2007 Sean and his Sarah caught the eye of a production runner while queuing to audition for the X Factor. Within a couple of months they were both performing live together every saturday night to millions of viewers. Each week to Same Difference astonished producers by clocking up millions of votes. Their cheesy but note-perfect performances had won the hearts of the viewing public and there was no turning back. They were beaten in the final but went a way with an album deal and a legion of fans. The following year the financial crisis played havoc with the campaign for the major label release of their debut album “Pop”. A major image overhaul accompanied their next album. There were acoustic sessions and naked photo shoots. Having made a lot of money Same Difference called it a day in 2014. Sean hit the gym and launched a solo career and hasn’t looked back.

You can buy Sean’s music here

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