Ep 48: The Family Business with Doris Pearson from Five Star

In this episode of Fascinated, Gearóid meets singer/songwriter and choreographer Doris Pearson who shot to fame with her brothers and sisters as Five Star. Doris is currently in lockdown in the UK and is working on solo material. We had a chat about her time in her family supergroup. We chatted about the humble beginnings, fame, money and family.

Truly a family business Five Star were managed by their father Buster and they stacked up hit albums and singles in the mid to late 80s earning a grammy nomination and a Brit Award for Best British Group in the process.

Success meant they moved from their home in Romford to a Mansion in Surrey. The tabloid-friendly family became the subject of a press witch hunt and they left for LA. The group disbanded officially in 2002 and regrouped in 2012 for an incredible perform at UK festivals.

In 2019 Five Star Gold was released.

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