Ep 51: Special Kind Of Something (Part 2) with Kavana

In The first of a special two-part episode I chat to 90s pop star Kavana.

For as long as he can remember Kavana was determined to become a pop-star and he made it happen. At the time Take That were disbanding and a chance meeting with their manager led to him recording a song written by Howard Donald. He became a household name and mega-stardom followed. While he was very well known he didn’t have immediate chart success until he released a carefully chosen cover version of “I Can Make You Feel Good”.

Kavana’s journey to fame and the aftermath have been an astonishing test of his resilience. He is a lovely guy and this is story that needed two episodes. In this episode we talk about his move to LA, coming out of the closet, his relationship with Stephen Gately and reality TV.

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