The Best of the HeadStuff Podcast Network 2017

So here we are, at the end of another year, the 2017th year… can you believe there have already been 2017 years on this planet? Amazing really. Anyway, what we have compiled here is the best of The HeadStuff Podcast Network 2017, short clips from a range of our shows.

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Let us know your favourite bits from your favourite HPN podcast from 2017, there are a million ways to contact us, so use one or many of those! Thank you all and have a great 2018!

In this short podcast you’ll hear one or two clips from:
Fascinated with Gearoid Farrelly
The Alison Spittle Show
Personality Bingo with Tom Moran
With Relish
Double Love
In The Shower with Taz and Marcus
Sparking Change with Dil
Fair Game