A Look Back At Some Great HeadStuff

When setting up our Patreon page, we wanted to highlight some of the writing that has had a lasting impression with us and our readers, and at the same time highlight the great team we have here at HeadStuff.

We want to keep doing this but we need some of our readers to become patrons. The contributors deserve to be paid for their work, and good writing is worth paying for. If less than 1% of our readers pledge the average amount, we’ll be able to pay every single contributor.

If Male Musicians Were Described The Same Way As Female Musicians – Louise Bruton

Hozier looking steamy - HeadStuff.org

20 Poems to Celebrate Womanhood (Women’s Day Poetry) – Alvy Carragher 


REPEALTara Flynn

Tara Flynn Repeal - HeadStuff.org

Let’s Talk About Rape, Man to ManEoin Rogers

Rape culture - HeadStuff.org


Should Music Put a Price on Nature? – Neasa McGarrigle 

Christlesee Germany

Ireland’s Mental Health Problem – And Mine – Dave Hanratty

Therapy - HeadStuff.org

Your Flesh Is So Nice – Shaun O’Connor

Pigs - HeadStuff.org

Why Can’t All Lads Be Sound Like Hozier? – Alison Spittle

Alison Spittle - HeadStuff.org

Hermann Goertz, Nazi Spy In Ireland – Ciaran Conliffe

Hermann Goertz - headstuff.org

From Rocky to Creed (And Every Round In Between) | A Review of the Most Famous Boxing Series in Film – Rob Ó Conchúir 

Rocky (1)

Celebrating 30 Years of The George – Jade Hayden

The George - HeadStuff.org

Exclusive, Totally Not Made Up, Interview with Paddy Cosgrave of Web SummitAlan Maguire 

Paddy Cosgrave - HeadStuff.org

Review | David Bowie bids farewell with the brilliant BlackstarAndrea Cleary

Bowie - HeadStuff.org

What Defines America – CSI or The Wire? What Defines Good Television?Peter Morris

The Wire - HeadStuff.org