#39 | Roger Gregg | Director/Actor/Writer/Voiceover artist

On this Stars and Stripes episode of FNI Wrap Chat is Roger Gregg.

Roger Gregg is a playwright, musician, actor and voiceover artist from Ohio in the good old Us of A. But he’s one of us as he’s been living here since the 1980s . He has written plays for Dublin Youth Theatre, the Gaiety School of Acting, TEAM Theatre Company, and Graffiti Theatre Company. In 1998, he founded Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, whose productions have twice won the American Mark Time Award for Best Audio Science Fiction Production, in 1999 and in 2000. He has created music and soundscapes for many companies including Barabbas, The Company and Graffiti Theatre Company. Roger has written for RTE on a number of productions and is frankly the coolest Yank you will ever meet.

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