#61 | Sam Atwell | /Actor/Writer/Director/Story Editor

Sam Atwell is an Australian television Writer and previous actor perhaps best known for his role as Kane Phillips in the soap opera Home and Away.

An Aussie living in Ireland, Sam was originally taken by the craft of acting, he pursued this part of his career by working across the mediums of theatre, film and television. This opened his eyes to opportunities in writing, directing and producing. He continues to work in all these areas and develop his own work.
Sam also has also tutored at Screenwise – Australia’s leading Film & TV school for actors in Sydney Australia.
An accomplished playwright, He has produced his own plays, including Savage/Love which he co-produced and starred in alongside former Home and Away co-stars Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen and Leah Pappin.

Sam Atwell currently works as a story editor working for the animation company Jam media and previously on the Irish soap Fair City in recent years. And what a great chat we had with him.

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