#71 | Neilí Conroy | Actor

Episode #71 of FNI Wrap Chat on the HeadStuff podcast network is the brilliant Neili Conroy. Neilí has worked as an Actor in film, television and theatre for over twenty years. She’s one of three performers from her Family, Following in the footsteps of her Father Brendan and forging a career along with her Brother Rúaidhrí.

After getting her break in Roddy Doyle’s excellent ‘Family’ as a teenager, she has continued to work steadily in Irish film, television and theatre. She is best known for her work in Irish films such as  The Van, Intermission, Kisses and The General and on television in Love/Hate,The Clinic and most recently becoming a series regular in the hugely popular Rte Soap Fair City.

Neilí talks very very candidly about what it is to be a female Actor in this country, What it was like working on some of the more successful Films Ireland has produced over the last 25 years and what it’s like being from a family of Actors and the support it brings, how Important going back to education was for her and how important staying active and busy is to stay happy and sharp.

We’re delighted to be joined by one of Ireland’s most talented Actors and recognisable faces this week.
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