HeadStuff Lectures 21 the humour edition

Price: €10 (early birds on sale for €8)

Time: 7pm, Wednesday 7th November, 2018

Place: The Workman’s Club, Dublin

Talks About Stuff You Didn’t Think You’d Care About…

For the last HeadStuff Lectures of 2018, we’re going all in on the funny. Why not finish our 2018 run with big wide happy chuckle? So come along, it will be a delight.

This month’s Lecturers will be announced soon…

Once a month we hold a night of ‘Lectures’ by wonderful speakers talking passionately about different topics. They could be about frog memes or democratic revolutions. They could also be about Erwin Schrodinger or Paris Hilton. Or anything in between…

HeadStuff Lectures are not mass, not school and definitely not Ted Talks. This will be an evening of short presentations on anything from popular culture to global catastrophes.

It is hosted by someone great and features six fascinating Lectures.

EARLY BIRD tickets are very limited and very cheap! (€8)
Standard tickets are only €10. (All online ticket prices excl. fees)

Here’s all the lectures that have been given so far:

HeadStuff Lectures #1 – 15th of July, 2016

Louise Bruton – Stronger Than Yesterday

Alan Maguire – Just How Cool Was Zack Morris’ “Cool School”?

Andrea Farrell – Hoarding, Anxiety, a Dictaphone and a Dog

Ellen Tannam – A Brief Etymology of Memes

Ciaran Conliffe – The Secret History of the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre

Gearoid Farrelly – The Life Changing Tragedy of Tidying Up

HeadStuff Lectures #2 – 10th of August, 2016

Jonathan Victory – The Democratic Revolution of 2010s Ireland

Niamh Marron – How to Disguise and Scratch an Itch in Public

Gary Grimes – Paris Hilton: A Tongue in Chic Peek Behind the Pose

Andrea Cleary – There’s No Such Thing as Music

Adam Murphy – How the Leopard Really Got His Spots

Roisin Kiberd – I would rather be a cyborg than a Goddess” or, A Brief History of the Cybernetic Self

Gearoid Farrelly – Cagney and Lacey for President

HeadStuff Lectures #2 – 7th of September, 2016

Conor O’Donovan – In Theory: Is Literary Criticism Real?

Neasa McGarrigle – Erwin Schrodinger and the Island of Scholars

Stephen Porzio – The Evolution of the Femme Fatale

Anna Carey – The Subversive Art of Knitting

Chris Kent – Sounds like Misophonia

Gearoid Farrelly – Who’s That in the Picture?

HeadStuff Lectures #4 – 5th of October, 2016

Shawna Scott – A Brief C*nting History of the Word “C*nt.”

Tara Flynn – “Can Anybody See Me?”

Damon Blake and George Fox – The Trouble With Liking Comic Books If You’re An Adult

Teresa Coyne – Finn Mc Not So Cool

Ciaran Conliffe – Stanley’s Last Trip: An Itinerary of Errors

Gearoid Farrelly – Burt Williams Made it to Broadway

HeadStuff Lectures #5 – 2nd of November, 2016

Louise Bruton – So You’re Going to Die Alone: The Lone Wolf Theory

Adam Duke – What Movies will be Made From in the Future

Diane McSweeney – Periods: Womb for Improvement

Gearoid Farrelly – The Grrrl Power Heist of 1996!

Tomie James – Don’t Feed the CEOs

Niamh Shaw – Space, Scale and Falling off the Cliff: What to do with Impossible Dreams

HeadStuff Lectures #6 – 7th of December, 2016

Colm O’Gorman (Amnesty) – Screw the Culture War

Hugh Linehan (Irish Times) – Category Fail

Richard Drumm – Movies, Games and Citizen Kanes

Gearoid Farrelly – My Pianist

Eve Darcy – The Hips Don’t Lie

HeadStuff Lectures #7 – 8th of February, 2017

Una Mullally – Does The Blue Sweater Scene From The Devil Wears Prada Actually Mean Anything And If So, What?

Sarah Maria Griffin – On Sleep Paralysis

Edwin Sammon – Fish, Monkey or Man. Which is Best?

Gearoid Farrelly – Think of Good Title (On Procrastination)

Giles Brody – The Art of the Lean

Niamh Mongey – Flanning is for Everybody

HeadStuff Lectures #8 – 1st of March, 2017

Dermot Whelan (Dermot and Dave) – Mindswipe: Tinder for your Thoughts

Alison Curtis (Today FM) – Ireland V Canada

Joe Donnelly (Today FM) – The Strange Confused World of My Teenage Music

Niall McCann – You Don’t Make the Film, the Film Makes You

Ruth Hunter – Fiction vs Reality

Gearoid Farrelly – The Tables are Turning

HeadStuff Lectures #9 – 5th of April, 2017

Louise Bruton – Why Won’t You Have Sex With Me?: Sex and Disability

Ciaran Conliffe – The Cursing Stones of Tory Island

Teresa Coyne – Cú Chulainn: The Original Fuckboy

Peter Morris – Documentary Cinema: A History of Truth on Film

Francesca La Morgia – Ten Bilingualism Myths Debunked in 10 Minutes

HeadStuff Lectures #10 – 3rd of May, 2017

Alison Spittle – Jealous Walls, Yetis and Nazis: A Guide to Westmeath Bad Boys

Ronan Grace – Grifting: A Ten Minute Guide to Small Time Swindling

Eve Darcy – Couldn’t Establish a Secure Connection

Rob O’Sullivan – Wild Sex

Mia Christina Doring – Our Frenemies the Cognitive Biases

Stephen Porzio – Auteur Theory

Host: Gearoid Farrelly

HeadStuff Lectures at ILFDublin – 5th of April, 2017

Will Self – On Male Sexuality and Violence: The Penis is a Gun

Claire Hennessy – There Was No Y.A. When I Was Growing Up

Gearoid Farrelly – Enid Blyton

Eithne Shortall – I Confess and Confess and Confess: The Lifelong Effects of First Confession

Pat McCabe – Patrick Kavanagh in Space

HeadStuff Lectures #11 – 5th of July, 2017

Margaret Scott – Ten Ways to Protect Your Mental Health While Parenting

Ronan Grace – Must Fry Harder: State of Dublin’s Chips

Anne Rosenbusch – Barbie, Lenin & Fake Hand Grenades – A Childhood in the Wild East

Ciaran Conliffe – The Lady Vanishes

Elaine Gallagher – Wheels of Change

HeadStuff Lectures #12 – 2nd of August, 2017

Gearoid Farrelly – Will Self’s The Penis is a Gun

Kevin McGahern – Toby Gak, Computering in the Digital Age

Ellen Coyne – My Pitch to be Minister for Women

Kathleen O’Rourke – Special Teachers: Three Life Lessons I Learned from People with Intellectual Disabilities

Andrea Farrell – Bill’s Ballybunion

And Shane Langan (launching his book ‘Love Kill Repeat’)

HeadStuff Lectures #13 – 6th of September, 2017

Rachel Burke – Thomas Midgley Jr. Is Not My Da

Clare McRory – Kermit The Frog Has To Be A Frog

Giles Brody – Creatively Filling In Huge Gaps In Your CV

Teresa Coyne – The Magnificent Mná of Irish Mythology

Robbie Lalor – HIV Prevention: A Case for PrEP in Ireland

HeadStuff Lectures #14 – 2nd of November, 2017

Colm Keegan – The Curious Incident of the Thing That Could Have Killed Me

Ruth Hunter – They’re Listening

Melanie Lynch – Illuminating a World Where Women are Equal

Eve Darcy – An Idiot’s Guide to Being a Human

Aidan Greene – A Definitive Ranking of Every Stutterer in Popular Culture

HeadStuff Lectures #15 – 29th of November, 2017

Mark Dempsey – We Are 900,000, What’s The Story With The Rent?

Dil Wickremasinghe – What Does Good Mental Health Look Like?

Ciaran Conliffe – Roman Chaos: The Year Of Five Emperors

Claire Beck – Talking to Strangers

Hosted by Alison Spittle

HeadStuff Lectures #16 – 7th of February, 2018

Aoife McElwain – Slow At Work: How I Avoided Burnout by Writing a Book About Burning Out

Liam Geraghty – Podcast Better, Dammit!

Courtney Smyth – A Spoonful of Effort Makes the Energy Go Down

Dean Van Nguyen – Sound of The Funky Drummer

Sinead Mercier – The Men Who Eat Ringforts, and How They’re Made

Hosted by Gearoid Farrelly

HeadStuff Lectures #17 – 7th of March, 2018


HeadStuff Lectures #18 – 4th of April, 2018

Colm O’Gorman – It’s Time. Repeal the 8th.

Linda Kavanagh – A Celebration of Masculine Friendships in The Fast and Furious Film Franchise

Erin McGathy – The Victim Blame Game

Eoin Hamilton – 10 Minutes?? Oh Crap!!

Peter Kavanagh – Pop Up Gaeltacht – Reclaiming a City and a Language… one pint at a time

Hosted by Alison Spittle

Join us for HeadStuff Lectures #21 – 7th of November, 2018

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