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Lili Taylor has been a mainstay of American indie and mainstream cinema since 1988. This week we turn our focus to her performances in a wide variety of films. Much sought after for both her timeless appeal and ability to dig deep into very complex characters, Taylor has acted consistently in both TV and film for over 30 years. Starting off in rom-coms like Mystic Pizza, she quickly graduated to holding her own opposite River Phoenix in Dogfight, Faye Dunaway in Arizona Dream and leading Abel Ferrara’s philosophical vampire film The Addiction. In the 2000s, she appeared in the Bukowski adaptation Factotum, Michael Mann’s Public Enemies and in one of the foundational films of modern horror (and blockbuster) cinema The Conjuring. After our Taylor talk, stay tuned for the show’s interview with Eoin O’Donnell, a young Irish journalist who attended the Venice Film Festival this month and got to see some of the most highly anticipated movies to premiere at the event.

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