I Know That Face | Michael Smiley


The best (and only) character actor podcast in the world returns! For their first episode back Andrew and Stephen head north to talk the career of Michael Smiley. A Northern Irishman, Smiley got his start as the rave-obsessed bike courier Tyres O’Flaherty in Edgar Wright’s sitcom Spaced. His first major supporting film role came in 2008’s Outpost. From there he began a series of collaborations with Ben Wheatley including Down Terrace, Kill List, A Field in England and Free Fire. Well known for his musical accent, cutting line deliveries and glowering menace, Smiley has put all three to use in the thrillers Black Sea and Come to Daddy, the Irish folk horror The Hallow and the RTÉ TV comedy Dead Still. He is set to appear in Censor and Gunpowder Milkshake later this year.

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