I Know That Face | TOP 10 MOVIES OF 2020

Another trip around the sun, another best of list. The only difference is you have to listen to this one. This week, to close out a terrible year filled with amazing films, the I Know That Face crew take you through some of their favourites. With Emma, Little Women and Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Andrew discovered a hidden love for period dramas. Horror lovers will get their fix as Stephen talks about Host and Saint Maud while Andrew waxes lyrical about The Lighthouse. Those in need of a good cry need look no further than Stephen’s recommendation of Babyteeth. Ever wanted to hear Andrew talk at length about his obsession with Chinese neo-noirs like Long Day’s Journey into Night and The Wild Goose Lake? Now you can! Although both Andrew and Stephen agreed on True History of the Kelly Gang as one of their favourites both of their number one spots are different. Listen in to find out what they are…

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Andrew’s Top 10: 10. Long Day’s Journey Into Night / 9. Emma / 8. Uncut Gems / 7. The Lighthouse / 6. The Wild Goose Lake / 5. True History of the Kelly Gang / 4. Promising Young Woman / 3. Little Women / 2. Parasite / 1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Stephen’s Top 10: 10. Host / 9. The Personal History of David Copperfield / 8. True History of the Kelly Gang / 7. Saint Maud / 6. Da 5 Bloods / 5. Babyteeth / 4. Ema / 3. Uncut Gems / 2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire / 1. Parasite

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