In The Shower with Taz and Marcus | Are Humans Good or Evil?

We’re surrounded by alot if doom and gloom at the moment, between refugee crisis, the current political state state in America and so much else, but we’re also seeing the biggest level of social advancement in history, with people all around us doing so much good. So this week we get the root of humanity and tackle the very core of our nature. Episode 45 of In The Shower With Taz And Marcus asks; Are Humans Good or Evil?

Let us broaden your mind, as you wash your behind.

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DISCLAIMER: Taz and Marcus are NOT scientists NOR historians NOR mathematicians but rather podcast enthusiasts. Because of this they cannot answer all questions with absolute certainty but rather do some research and attempt to debunk them to the best of their ability. If they have answered something totally wrong or incorrectly please get in touch and we can let the listeners know where they slipped up.


This podcast is recorded, mixed and edited by Taz Kelleher.

The Fantastic cover photo is by the uber talented Florence Robinson.  Flo did some beautiful drawings of events at the Dublin Podcast Festival, you should check them out on her Instagram!

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