in the shower with taz and marcus

In The Shower With Taz and Marcus | Why Do We Get Bags Under Our Eyes?

You’ve left your college assignment to the last minute AGAIN meaning you’re up all night frantically typing. Next thing you know, the sun has risen and you catch a glimpse of your horrifying reflexion. Black puffy bags are painted under your eyes. But why? This week’s episode of In The Shower with Taz and Marcus asks; Why Do We Get Bags Under Our eyes?

Have you always wanted to listen to podcasts but complained that ‘you just don’t have the time?’  Well this is a podcast to meet YOUR schedule. In The Shower with Taz and Marcus is a 15 minute podcast aimed to be listened to while you’re in the shower. 

So as you undress your beautiful body, press play and listen to the hosts debunk the questions you’ve always had, but have never looked up the answers to.

Let us broaden your mind, as you wash your behind.

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If you have any questions that you would like answered over the course of your shower, send them to [email protected].