46 | Star Wars with Anne T. Donahue

Writer, podcaster, and the creator of everybody’s favourite Tinyletter, Anne T. Donahue joins Alan and Ellen to talk about Star Wars and Star Wars-related things. Some of those things included: Anne’s award-winning Star Wars essay, Hayden Christensen catfishers, fixing General Hux, Donald Glover, and a too-brief diversion into true crime. We had fun. We hope you like it.

You can follow Anne on twitter @annetdonahue . Anne’s book and podcast are both called Nobody Cares. The podcast is excellent, if you like Juvenalia you’ll definitely, definitely like Nobody Cares. The book is out in September and will be excellent for sure.

Ellen’s twitter is @incogellen and she writes for Silicon Republic.
Alan’s twitter is @alan_maguire. He mostly does Juvenalia but he does standup sometimes too.

Alan and Ellen will both be doing standup in the Comedy Cellar in Dublin on March 27th. You should come.

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Star Wars pic courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced and edited by Brian + Alan
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