50 | BIG with Annie Atkins LIVE at the Workman’s Club, Dublin

Welcome to our big 50th episode party! We took over the Vintage Room in The Workman’s Club and filled it with sound people. We did a little quiz and gave away some extremely desirable prizes. Then we talked to Oscar-winning graphic designer Annie Atkins whose work you’ve seen in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle Of Dogs, Bridge Of Spies, The Tudors, and loads more. Annie talked to us about the classic and only mildly disturbing family comedy BIG. It was a really interesting conversation and also it’s one of the very special times where Alan, Ellen, and Sarah are all in the same room so that was fun.

Thank you so much to Alan and Brian at HeadStuff for making this episode happen and to everybody at The Workman’s who gave us the space and set us up and made sure we didn’t set fire to anything.

We donated all of our ticket sales for the night to Together For Yes and we’re delighted to say that we raised €300 so thank you to everybody that bought a ticket.

Note: We are shamble people and away from the safe confines of the HeadStuff studio we have a tendency to make microphones malfunction. It happens a couple of times during this but it shouldn’t affect your listening experience too much unless you have “platinum ears”.

BIG pic via Fog’s Movie Reviews
Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced and edited by Brian + Alan