54 | Babe with Andrea Cleary

Music writer and co-host of The Nialler9 Podcast Andrea Cleary joins Alan and Ellen to talk about the best little pig in the world, Babe. We talked about vegetarianism, feeling all the feelings, teaching moral lessons with animals, is Babe a sports film?, the many ways in which James Cromwell is wonderful, Alistair MacLeod short stories, Ulysses, Christine Cavanaugh, and just generally about how Babe is the sweetest little guy in cinema history.

Andrea Cleary is @AndreaCleary_ on Twitter. Her music writing can be found mostly on HeadStuff and GoldenPlec and the Nialler9 podcast is available in all the podcast places.
Alan is @alan_maguire and Ellen is @incogellen.

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Babe pic via Hero Wikia
Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced and edited by Brian + Alan