61 | Grunge and Take That with Nadine O’Regan and Niamh Farrell LIVE at DPF18

We kicked out the jams at The Soundhouse as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival with our fourth live show. Since it was our second time at the DPF we decided to go twice as big and have two guests. First up, we had Niamh Farrell of Ham Sandwich on to tell us all about her childhood love of Take That and Mark Owen and then Nadine O’Regan of the Sunday Business Post told us about being a teenage grunge fan in West Cork. We had lots of fun and we can’t thank Nadine and Niamh enough for being fabulous guests.

You can find Nadine O’Regan on twitter @nadineoregan and her podcast My Roots Are Showing is on Soundcloud.

Niamh Farrell is @niamhsandwich on twitter and Ham Sandwich’s excellent albums are available where all excellent albums are available.

Alan is @alan_maguire,Ellen is @incogellen, Sarah is @griffski. Sarah’s book Spare and Found Parts is out now and her second book Other Words For Smoke is out soon.

Juvenalia is on all of the social medias, if you search for Juvenalia, you’ll find us.

Thank you to everybody at The Soundhouse, HeadStuff, and Aiken for making this episode happen

Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced and edited by Brian + Alan