66 | Spice Girls with Valerie Loftus

Valerie Loftus of Stellar Magazine joins Alan and Sarah to talk about the most successful girl group of all time and inventors of feminism, the Spice Girls. We talk about which Spice Girls Valerie and Sarah saw themselves as, Geri’s betrayal, the solo careers, and the reunion.

Valerie’s book Thanks Penneys, with illustrations by Ciara Kenny is out now and it’s very good and funny. Valerie is @valerieloftus on Twitter.

Alan is @alan_maguire, Sarah is @griffski. Her excellent novel Spare And Found Parts is out now.

Juvenalia is on all of the social medias, if you search for Juvenalia, you’ll find us.

Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced and edited by Brian + Alan