Bonus Episode! Movieboyz

HELLO! It’s a bonus episode of Juvenalia. We’re delighted to present the pilot episode of Movieboyz, a very special podcast starring some of the biggest boyz in Hollywood. So here’s what happened. We’ve been trying to get Lukas Haas on the show for ages but he was reluctant. We just couldn’t find the right way to entice him to come on. We found out that Lukas really wants to make a podcast with his friends but he’s infamously thrifty and refuses to pay for recording time. HeadStuff have started making their podcast studio available to the public for a small fee so we offered the use of the studio free of charge to Mr. Haas if he’d agree to appear on the show with us. He agreed and turned up with his friends Tobey Maguire, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Kevin “Nick” Connolly, better known as the Pussy Posse from fifteen years ago. They recorded this and then disappeared into the sunset, leaving us with no Lukas Haas interview and twenty minutes of Hollywood stars trying to remember what films they’ve been in. Enjoy.

 Pic via PopCrush
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Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced by Alan Maguire.