14 | Jaws with Andréa Farrell

One of our favourite standups and people Andréa Farrell joined Alan & Ellen to talk about Stephen Spielberg’s classic Jaws. Inspired by Spielberg’s sparing use of the shark in Jaws, we often talked about everything and anything besides Jaws, making the bits where we actually talked about the film all the more special. Make sure to listen to the whole thing as at some point we decided to record an episode within an episode about To Kill A Mockingbird just because. This was fun. Talk soon. ok bye. bye. byebyebye.

Jaws pic via Nerdist
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Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced by Eugene Brennan.

This episode was sponsored by the March for Choice which takes place on Saturday the 24th of September, assembling at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square from 1.30pm