3 | Beauty and the Beast with Jeanne Sutton

Writer Jeanne Sutton joins Alan Maguire and Sarah Maria Griffin to talk about Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

We have a good long chat about things like, but not limited to, Disney On Ice, big books, romance novels, problematic favs, Lena Dunham, angry wardrobes, if you were Belle would you stay in the castle, Twitter beefs, DVD commentaries, Les Miserables, The 10th Kingdom, The Wolf Among Us, Jupiter Ascending, which version of the Beast is the sexy beast? is Sarah Maria Griffin a furry? Shrek, Angela Carter, Bluebeard, Tom Hiddleston, Disney cruises, Stockholm Syndrome, the Good Nazi narrative, Inspirational Romance Novels, Bollywood, and giving Zach Snyder’s money to women. A busy episode I’m sure you’ll agree.

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