36 | The Wizard Of Oz with Maria Doyle Kennedy LIVE at the Dublin Podcast Festival

Well we did it. We did a live show at the Dublin Podcast Festival. We did a quiz that went on slightly longer than planned and then we talked to singer and actor Maria Doyle Kennedy of The Commitments, Orphan Black, The Tudors, Dexter, Father Ted, and loads more about The Wizard Of Oz with some detours along the way to talk about mermaids, ghosts, Billie Holiday, and Maria’s directorial debut A Different Kind Of Day, before we finished with a song from Maria and her husband Kieran (who is a lovely man) from Maria’s self-titled new album which is available now.

As you can hear from the episode we were delighted to meet Maria and do a live episode so thanks to everyone who came and thanks to HeadStuff and Aiken for organising a podcast festival and letting us be a part of it. Thank you also to everyone at The Workman’s Club who made it happen and to Sarah Garvey for looking after us.

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This episode was recorded by Sarah Garvey and James @ The Workman’s and  produced by Brian