9 | Wolfenstein 3D with Darragh McCausland

Darragh McCausland is a writer whose work has appeared in The Dublin Review, Lighthouse, Gorse, and Stonecutter. On this episode of Juvenalia he talks to Alan and Sarah about, well, loads of stuff really but we start with early first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D.

From there we move on to shareware, being bad at computer games, isometric viewpoints, Eve Online, multiplayer vs singleplayer, the Atari 7800, Dads playing games, Charlie Brooker, German FPS Smugglers, Green Blood, the first person to know about computers in Kells, First Person Nausea, Let’s Play videos, Abandonware, FEZ, stylised graphics are better than realistic graphics, True Detective season 2, being a woman who likes games, and being or not being a gamer. And also a bit of Barthes and Adorno because we’re ~fancy~.

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Juvenalia original artwork by Dee McDonnell
This episode was produced by Alan Bennett and Alan Maguire

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