19 | The NeverEnding Story with Roe McDermott

Roe McDermott is the Sex & Sexuality columnist for The Dublin Inquirer, a film critic for Hot Press, and a Fulbright scholar. Somehow, we convinced her to come on our podcast to talk about Wolfgang Petersen’s 1984 children’s fantasy classic The NeverEnding Story. Roe joined Sarah and Alan to talk youth, Trump, depression, feminism, rockbiters, safe spaces, Pantigate, and luck dragons, and we address the most important question of our time: Is Twitter actually Fantasia? The hour just flew by.

Hello if you’re joining us for the first time because of a list you may have seen us on. Hopefully you’ll stick around.

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 Pic of Roe McDermott via Minnie Melange
NeverEnding Story pic via Mental Floss
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This episode was produced by Alan Maguire and Alan Bennett, The Two Alans.