31 | GoldenEye with Peter McGann

Actor, Comedian, and Writer Peter McGann joins Alan and Ellen to talk about the first Pierce Brosnan Bond movie, 1995’s GoldenEye. You might know Peter better as his unsettling alter-ego Liam Nugent or from the Republic of Telly. Today, however, he’s here as our pal who knows a lot about James Bond. Ellen watched GoldenEye for the first time for this podcast. Alan watched it for the second time. Everybody had a lot of opinions about it. We had a very nice time and we hope you will too.

You can see Peter in The Liam Nugent Variety Hour on August 11th in Brewery Corner, Kilkenny as part of the Alternative Kilkenny Arts festival.

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This episode is sponsored by the March For Choice which leaves from the Garden Of Remembrance, Dublin at 2pm, September 30th.

March For Choice, Sep 30th, 2pm from the Garden of Remembrance

Pierce Brosnan pic via The Pierce Brosnan Files
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