#103 | Highway to Helvetica: Clare O’Dea and the Irish-Swiss Connection

Switzerland is one of those countries that doesn’t pop up in the news very often but appears to be ticking along nicely. In this regard it is not unlike Norway, another country that has chosen to keep an arm’s length relationship with the European Union. Now, as Brexit approaches, these two countries are among the models of post-divorce custody being considered by Britain and the EU.

But what is Switzerland really like? In particular, what can this multilingual, neutral, financial powerhouse teach a country like Ireland? Clare O’Dea should know; she’s an Irish journalist who has been living there for years and is the author of “The Naked Swiss”, a book which dismantled myths and cliches about that country. Her new book “The Naked Irish”, seeks to do the same about Ireland.

In this week’s episode, Clare chats to Darach about Switzerland’s love of referenda, the differences between Swiss German and German-German, Johnny Logan, Anglo-Irish relations as seen from a safe distance… and her favourite Irish word, of course.

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