#104 | Banríon Ealaíne: Kirsten Shiel Speaks

The changes in Irish self-identity in the 2010s hinge on the rise of social media, especially how those networks completely altered the way two perennial features of Irish society – emigration and Gaeilge – fed back into the national conversation. A generation of young people who left Ireland after the bank bailout were able to stay in touch with developments and debates in Ireland, culminating in #hometovote but also feeding into other discussions, such as “the way it’s taught”. For many abroad, the Irish language connected deeply into feelings of identity and homesickness, leading to them reconsidering their relationship with it.

One such fáinleog was Kirsten Shiel, a Dublin artist who found herself in Bolton and Manchester before her heroic return home. In today’s episode, Motherfoclóir’s artist talks about how she returned to Irish and to Ireland, the business of being an artist and the complicated geopolitics of the animation business and the role of translation. She also tells Darach about her work process for illustrating every episode of the podcast you love so much, and how every Gael online wants a Shiel original portrait.

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