#113 | Word Up: A History of Ireland in 100 Words with Dr. Sharon Arbuthnot

After five years of preparation and development, the RIA have released “A History of Ireland in 100 Words” in 2019. The book looks at the stories behind words found in the Academy’s Dictionary of the Irish Language (www.dil.ie) in an accessible way. Naturally, it was ony a matter of time before the Motherfoclóir team hunted them down!

In today’s episode, Éimear and Darach chat to Sharon Arbuthnot, one of the three authors of this book. She talks about the collaborative writing process, how people in the middle ages were not so different from ourselves and about putting herbs in your ears when you go for a swim.

You can buy “A History of Ireland in 100 Words” at good bookshops and see their word of the week at www.dil.ie

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