#114 | The Jesuits Have It All Sewn Up: Dinneen’s Dictionary

If this episode of Motherfoclóir is exactly as long as your psychotherapy session, maybe that’s not a coincidence. Poor old Podcast Dad Darach is on the couch this week, whining like a man-baby about his terrible, afflicted adolescence at a Jesuit school. The experience gave him a lifelong suspicion of the order and their academic output, up to and including the jewel in the crown of the Irish Texts Society – Foclóir Gaeilge Béarla by Father Patrick S. Dinneen.

In this week’s episode, Peadar and Darach discuss the Rathmore priest’s game-changing foclóir, a marvel in publishing with two first editions (one on either side of the formation of the Free State). They share some best-loved entries, consider his Brubdignagian feud with Padraig Pearse and reflect on the influence of the Typewriter-Stenography School industrial complex on the content of subsequent dictionaries.

Oh, and there’s kissing. A whole lot of kissing.

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