#115 | Nollag-atomi Tower: Motherfoclóir’s Third Christmas Episode

What a year. What a week. What a decade! It’s Christmastime again and Darach, Peadar and Gearóidín have met up to reflect on the passing of time. In this week’s episode they look at the 2010s as the decade when the Irish language and social media became acquainted with each other, starting with the #sneachta hashtag and ending with an election in our neighbouring state that has made hitherto hypothetical questions about identity and Irishness more urgent. We consider the memes and Irish words of the decade, the beginnings of @theirishfor and Pop Up Gaeltacht and the traditions of activism, community and dialogue that informed the big changes of the decade in this island, which have been a part of Gaeilge all along.

We also remember Iris Robinson and the men who surrounded her, the first viral story of a decade bookended by DUP humiliations. And Niall Horan, who our Laois Legend may have met and completely forgotten.

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