#126 | Quarantine Sessions 4: At Swim Two Tongues

The Irish for bilingual is dátheangach, which literally means two tongued. When Clodagh McGinley isn’t contributing to this podcast, sneaking off to be a guest on other podcasts (hello, “I Love This Band”) or curating her photography on instagram, she’s producing her bilingual zín.

In the social media age where so much creativity is chopped into chunks of content designed to go viral, zines are prepared in a way that resists this, inviting the reader to look at the entire issue as the “unit” rather than the article or headline. And when seeking comfort in pandemic times, maybe something viral isn’t the right answer?

Clodagh tells Darach all about zines, their origin and legacy, finding the bilingual content sweet spot and how Gaeilge loves Twitter but Irish dancing loves TikTok.

Have a look here: http://bit.ly/zineagran10

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