#130 | Quarantine Sessions 8: Plastic Fantastic! 2nd+ Generation Irish Identities in the UK with Niamh Lear

Most of us have a very clear idea of what an Irish American is and have an overview of the community’s journey from the Famine to the White House. The Irish community in Britain is a different and far more complicated story, however. And since 2016, it has become even more complex.

In this week’s episode, Darach is joined by Niamh Lear, a PhD candidate at the University of Newcastle. Niamh tells Darach about her research on hybrid Irish identities since Brexit and how a combination of protest and realpolitik have led to a surge in interest in Irish passports. She also talks about the subtle and not so subtle ways in which Irish identity is policed.

You can find out more about Niamh’s research here: https://prezi.com/v/z6ncemdbpk9z/hierarchies-of-irishness-the-passport-paddy/

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