#132 | Quarantine Sessions 10: Dustin’s Fifth Decade

It’s been another normal and sane week on the internet. It feels like only yesterday that we were chuckling about the Kardashians asking what the Debs was and Gucci were producing rip-off GAA shorts. Well, last Friday a bit of distinctly Irish culture yet again crossed over into the mainstream when talented midlands hunk Niall Horan was savagely roasted by a puppet of a turkey.

For Irish people, no further explanation is needed. And yet…

In this week’s episode, Darach and Peadar consider the legacy of Dustin, the Dublin puppet who emerged from children’s television (originally introduced as part of a weirdly dark running gag) to become a very Irish kind of satirist, preparing the stage for Ross O’Carroll Kelly and the Rubberbandits after him. The lads talk about his musical career, his famous interviews, his chronicling and creation of Hiberno-English terms, the artistic possibilities of a mask (or puppet, in this instance) and his influence on spoilt votes.

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