#133 | Quarantine Sessions 11: It’s ALIIIVE! Creating Vicipéid (with Gabriel Beecham)

Back in 2003, a schoolboy sitting at his home computer was messing around on the internet and, without fully realising it, opened a window for the Irish language. That window was Vicipéid, and seventeen years later it is still letting light and air in. But who was that boy and what did Gaeilge and Ireland mean to him?

Well, that boy was Gabriel Beecham and he is the guest on today’s show. He chats to Darach and Ola about taking the first step of creating the Vicipéid frontpage, the long space between taking the first and second steps, and watching the Wikipedia volunteer ethic form at this very time. It was the start of a journey which took him to the most famous green owl in linguistics.

He talks about his relationship with languages in general and Irish in particular – a relationship which led him to becoming a Duolingo contributor. A doctor by day, he also gives the gang some insights from the frontlines of Ireland’s fight against Covid-19.


Gabriel’s favourite Vicipéid entries


Gaeilge i mo chroí – Is DUOLINGO GOOD for IRISH?

Ciaran Duffy’s astronomy prints as gaeilge.


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