#135 | Secrets of the Dandelion: the Scots-Gaelic Poetry of Niall O’Gallagher

Back in episode #74, Darach and Clodagh discussed Scots Gaelic in general and a book of transgressive verse called “An Leabhar Liath” in particular. One poem they shared – Bhruadair mi leat a-raoir – got a particularly huge response from listeners and the wider twitter community. Nearly eighteen months later, Motherfoclóir has finally managed to track down the poet who created it.

Niall O’Gallagher/Niall Ó Gallchóir is a journalist for BBC Alba by day and a poet by night, as well as being Glasgow’s poet in residence (Bard Bhaile Ghlaschú) In today’s episode, he talks to Darach about his decision to write in Scots Gaelic and not to translate his own work. He describes the process of having his work translated and translating the work of others. He talks about the different issues faced by artists creating in Irish and those creating in Scots Gaelic, the enduring relevance of folklore, placenames and plant names… and the importance of having a correctly-stocked bookshelf when broadcasting from home during a pandemic.

You can find out more about Niall here: https://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poet/niall-o-gallagher/

And you can check out his poems and essays here:

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