#138 | UK OK Hun? With Medb Mac Daibhead

On the week that saw the world said goodbye to civil rights hero John Hume, today’s guest and topic feel especially apt. Maev McDaid is a Derry woman in London, completing a PhD on retired Irish people in that city, as well as being very active in Clapton Community FC.

On today’s podcast she talks to Darach and Peadar about the problems with “the UK” as a concept, and how the confusing term raises issues for researchers, policy makers and discussion of local and national issues.

When a young woman like Medb leaves Derry to go to London, is that considered migration, immigration or not considered at all? Is it the same as a woman from Nottingham moving to London? If so, how do we measure the size of Irish communities in English cities? In the era of BLM when countries consider the relationship between citizens and the police in their state, referring to Britain or the UK can have significant differences. And yet, Britain and the UK are used interchangeably, to much frustration and distress.

The gang also talk about football, much to Darach’s delight.

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