#142 | [untitled game episode] with Úna-Minh Kavanagh & Sarah Griffin

Earlier this year when AOC guest starred in a Donkey Kong Twitch stream in which she declared trans rights to be human rights (while batting off criticism from greying 90s pop culture warhorses like Aaron Sorkin and Graham Linehan), it felt for many that a generational Rubicon had been crossed.

Computer games. Físchluichí. They’ve come a long way since Darach was playing Pole Position on his Atari. In recent years games have reached a new level of technical sophistication such that ideas like storytelling and character development can be taken seriously.

So how has this new medium expressed ideas like Ireland and Irishness? Like language and colonialism? Darach doesn’t know, so he asked two experts to explain it to him. Úna-Minh Kavanagh (@unakavanagh) and Sarah Maria Griffin (@griffski) are bestselling authors who happen to also be massive gamers. In today’s episode they talk to Darach and Peadar about games and the world that surrounds them – and how Irishness turns up in it.

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