#145 | OMG is Dia Dhuit Religious?

Every human society has a tradition of bereavement and a tradition of language which, while technically bespoke to its particular needs, changes at a different speed to that society. So it goes with mourning as an immigrant or minority and so it goes with the condolences we pass on to the bereaved.
As America and the world mourns the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a recurring debate returned – is it appropriate to say “rest in peace” to someone from a tradition with a different concept of the afterlife? Or is it a case that there is a line to be drawn, just not there? Is it fair enough to offer words of comfort from your own tradition rather than hastily Google and mispronounce something from the other culture?
In this week’s episode, Darach, Clodagh and Peadar consider this topic not just as it relates to “ar deis Dé go raibh a h-anam” but also with the standard Irish greetings “Dia Dhuit/Dia is Mhuire Dhuit”. Are these any more or less prayerful than OMG or Ah, Jaysus?
For some reason Leap Year pops up yet again.

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