#20 | Gettin’ Schooled

Although it is regularly cited as the reason some people dislike Irish, Peig has been off the school curriculum for so long that we have adult Irish speakers wandering the streets and hills who were born after its removal. One such adult is the effortlessly cool catóg Clodagh McGinley, who you’ll remember from recent episodes.  She tells Darach about the differences between studying Irish at school and at university, moving from the world of sraith pics to the wonders of Cúirt an Mheán Oíche.

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  1. Michael Lee says

    Dia dhuit. Go raibh maith agat for your podcasts. I am a beginner Irish student in Gaeltacht MN and enjoy all the topics that are discussed in your podcasts. I loved what Clodagh said about Irish in university- that it focuses on communication and something to be celebrated and the mindset that is present in university vs. being persnickety in primary and secondary school with grammar. We have the same kinds of conversations here in the US in my class about tá agus s’ea and positive and negative verb responses to questions. It’s reassuring to hear the same things being talked about by your guests on the podcast.

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