#30 | Copper Face Paperbacks – An Siopa Leabhar

It has been said that bookshops are the afterlife for good trees and the sound of turning pages is a kind of prayer to them.

On this week’s Motherfoclóir: Belfast bookworm Caitlín Nic Íomhair is the manager of An Siopa Leabhar on Harcourt Street, Dublin’s finest specialist Irish language bookshop. Just like another famous Harcourt Street institution, the walls of An Siopa Leabhar stand witness to tales of heartbreak and debauchery… but unlike Coppers, they usually have page numbers on them here. She tells Darach and Éimear all about it in this week’s episode, in which she also finds time to give a whistle stop tour of Ulster Irish and rhapsodise over underrated poet Biddy Jenkinson.

If you can’t make it to Harcourt Street, you can find An Siopa Leabhar online at www.cnagsiopa.com