#43 | Pride/Bród

This week’s episode is about Bród – no, not Miggledy Higgins’s best dog (sorry Shadow!) but LGBTQ+ Pride, which is celebrated in Dublin from the 21st to the 30th of June. Ever since the 2015 marriage equality referendum and the ascension of Leo Varadkar to Taoiseach, LGBTQ+ inclusion has been central to how Ireland has presented itself to the world. However, this is an all-too-recent development and until 2018’s publication of An Foclóir Aiteach (the Queer Dictionary) the vocabulary for many terms relating to queer experiences was not formally included in Irish.

In today’s episode, Darach and Gearóidín are joined by Antoin Beag and Aifric, who talk about their fiche bliain ag fás on an island that was struggling to come to terms with who it really was.

You can check out the Foclóir Aiteach here: http://usi.ie/focloir-aiteach/