#49 | And Off With She – Tara Flynn & Peig Sayers

“Peig passes the Bechdel Test”.

Sparklingly witty, unfailingly honest, sometimes misunderstood and with a grá for the Gaeilge, Tara Flynn and Peig Sayers are two women who have been unfairly criticised a lot in recent years. Although Peig is sadly unavailable, Tara was kind enough to visit Darach this week for a chat.

Tara tells Darach about her iconic work on the Morbegs (and the attention to detail put into the Irish language content), reevaluating Peig as an adult and the simple joys of the offline life.

Tara’s book “Rage In” published by Headstuff is available in bookshops now and her new podcast “Random Acts” launches in September.