#54 | Midlands Mayhem: Motherfoclóir at Electric Picnic

The Irish for Stradbally is an tSráidbhaile, which means village (or street-town if you want to be very literal about it). For a weekend at the end of summer every year, Stradbally hosts the Electric Picnic festival and this year the Motherfoclóir Podcast was invited to perform a live show for the revellers. This was a double honour for the show as it allowed local gal Gearóidín McEvoy return from Finland to Strad in triumph, basking in the jealousy of all the townsfolk who ever doubted her superstar status. She is joined on the live show by Éimear Duffy and the pair of them – finally free from the tyrannical hosting of Darach – talk festivals, feminism, skincare, strong Irish women from old and recent history, accents, Laois and even take some questions from the audience.

Then the gardaí turn up.

Today’s episode contains some cussin’.

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