#62 | The Vampirish For

“Is doiligh drochrud a mharú” – it’s hard to kill a bad thing. (Irish proverb)

It’s Hallowe’en again and the time is right for a Motherfoclóir Samhain Special! Is Annual Sweetgiving Day a capitalist ploy or is it I inherently socialist? Is the pagan or Christian, American or Gaelic?

The spookiest time of the year is arguably more Irish than Saint Patrick’s Day; it’s certainly a recent arrival to our British neighbours, who were traditionally more invested in Guy Fawkes Day.

Darach and Peadar discuss the enduring popularity of vampire stories and consider the Irish origins- most famously Dracula but also the Derry legend that haunted Bram Stoker’s imagination.

Please mind your pets on this hard fire-working night.