#63 | All The President’s Dogs

Gadhrach (adj): dog-living, full of dogs.

Despite her massive popularity over here, Saoirse Ronan’s hosting slot on Saturday Night Live earned her a slew of criticism. The very idea that Irish people were unusually keen on dogs, an assumption which one of the sketches was based on, was nonsense… wasn’t it?

As the Irish language shows, there’s always been an affinity for our canine cairde here- nine native breeds, a plethora of dog-based animal words and a seanfhocal or two to boot.

In this week’s episode, Peadar and Gearóidín tell Darach all about the dogs in their lives and what motivates them. Is owning a dog harder than raising a child? Are we ready to reintroduce wolves to Ireland? And what are certain breeds called as Gaeilge?

Darach’s new book “Craic Baby: Dispatches From A Rising Language” is available in bookshops now