#64 | It’s Always Sunny In Leavingcertia: Motherfoclóir Ardteist Special

Every summer, the Irish people sacrifice thousands of teenagers to Lú, the sun god, so that he will offer them good weather. This sacrifice is called “The Leaving”.

There’s more to Irish than the Leaving Cert and the points race; this is what we’ve been trying to show in the topics we cover on this podcast. However, it would be pig-headed of us not to mention the Leaving Cert course at all.

In this week’s episode, Ola and Darach chat with Noirín Ní Mhurchú, who is currently shepherding students through the Leaving Cert course. They talk about sraith pics, the difference between school Irish and the way Irish is spoken socially, whether single-sex education affects the texts chosen, and how we learn more than Gaeilge when we learn Gaeilge.

If you’re sitting the Leaving Cert in 2019, be sure to bookmark the following sites to your fón póca:

www.teanglann.ie (also available as an offline app)
www.focloir.ie (also available as an offline app)