#67 | Another World Altogether – Donegal Irish

The partition of Ireland in 1922 only included six of Ulster’s nine counties in Northern Ireland. This led to the beautiful county of Donegal being cut off- politically and economically distant from its near neighbours, geographically distant from Leinster House. This remoteness – and the fact that Ulster Irish was under-represented in the formative years of the Republic’s Irish language policies – have led to Donegal seeming to be a wee bit different to others in the Republic. But is it just that they’re normal and the rest of us are weird?

In today’s episode, Darach wanders into the world of Donegal Irish with 074 natives @AntoinBeag and @poilination. They talk about Football Special, See You Burn, fadudas, ordering soup and the Leaving Cert aural tape, among other things.

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