#79 | Ireland’s Next Top Coddle: Máirtín’s Magic Meals

Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire is a lecturer in TU Dublin and a well-travelled chef and TV presenter. He’s the world’s leading expert in Irish food history, so why he agreed to appear on our podcast, we’ll never know. Gearóidín and Peadar chat with Máirtín about the history of Irish ingredients, ancient cooking methods, and an absolute heap of cheese.

Why is Irish food not held in the same regard as French, Spanish or even Danish grub? What did we eat before the noble spud arrived on our shores? Why do we eat so little seafood for an island nation? Why does Darach hate coddle? Is it because he’s weird? It is, isn’t it? Find out all this and more, as Máirtín takes us on a culinary journey a thousand years or more in the making.

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