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#83 | Unroyal Flush – Could Brexit Unite Ireland?

Welcome to series 2 of Motherfoclóir! We’ve missed you something terrible so we have. An awful lot has been happening lately so to kick things off we’re having a quick look at a topic that’s likely to be looming in the background for the next few months.

At the end of 2018, it was widely noted that the movement to repeal the 8th Amendment want from being a political football “too divisive to even talk about” to passing a referendum by a significant majority- all in 12 months. Could the same thing happen with a United Ireland? Could some unionists accept some version of a republic to stay in the EU?

In this week’s episode, Darach is revisited by Naomi O’Leary from the Irish Passport podcast. They talk about this very issue and what issues a new single state on this island might face and what possibilities might be created.

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